Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any costs involved?

You can register and start working on the site for FREE and even continue to use this site without any paid subscription. There are many benefits on Paid Subscriptions. See Costs and Charges

Why is it important to rate a user after a service or project?

Ratings will tell other users and clients your experience working with them and the level of their skills and performance.

How do I choose the correct Subsription Plan?

You have the option to start-out with our FREE Start-up subscription plan or any paid subscription. You can view the different subscription costs structures on the registration page or under Costs and Charges

How to Contact AV Pofessionals?

To contact AV Professionals you need to be a registered user.

Can I get a printable invoice?

You can view and print any transaction made to the AV Professionals Portal or completed projects and services from the use Dashboard window.

MIPP Forum

Why can't I make any Forum Posts?

You can see and reads all forum posts on the AV-Forum
To post any question or reply on a post you need to be a registered user.